• Join us for the 7th China AIDS Walk on the Great Wall!

    🚶Intersectional Solidarity for a Healthy Community 🚶

    September 15th, 2018 | Beijing, China

    Our Goals this year:


    1. Reach out to 2,000 people and share with them the updated information on the prevention, treatment and care of HIV/AIDS in China;

    2. Raise CNY 700,000 for the operation of the project and organizing various activities for the community, including advocacy & public education, small grants and HAILS training, and building a national China AIDS Walk action network;

    3. Together with you all - at least 200 people to create a memorable and meaningful Great Wall day-hike!

    How to Participate?


    1. Sign up today as a team captain and organize your own team (minimum 4 persons in one team)

    2. Attend one or all our information sessions on progress and challenges of China HIV/AIDS and its impact on our community;

    3. Reach out to your friends, colleagues, and families and even strangers and help us raise fund. The more the better!

    4. Be invited to the AIDS Walk on the Great Wall with a dynamic, loving and festive community!

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    martin@ChinaAIDSWalk.cn; +86 186 1269 4069

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  • Why do we care about HIV/AIDS and our community?

    Health matters to everyone of us

    "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages" is a top UN Sustainable Development Goal.


    Gladly, building a Health China is now a national development priority. On October 25th, 2016, Chinese government published a high level planning document that envisions Health China 2030. This was actually the first time health related issues brought to such a high level. The core of this document is the emphasis on Everyone Participates, Everyone Tries Their Best, and Everyone Benefits.

    A health China should leave no one behind

    AIDS has already become a controllable, preventable and manageable chronic disease, while HIV can be effectively suppressed in the body, or even completely removed from the body. What's more, research on HIV cure and vaccine has shown promising results.


    However, misunderstanding, phobia, and discrimination is still largely prevalent in the Chinese society. Thus people living with HIV have to face a great deal of challenges in their daily life, especially when they try to see a doctor, apply for a job, or go to school. These challenges not only create a great deal of pressure for PLHIV that damage their physical and mental health, but also jeopardize the prevention, treatment and care of HIV/AIDS.

    YOU are critical in this fight

    The Chinese government has made commitment to supporting the UN SDG of ending AIDS by 2030. However, to achieve such goal, not only does it require the cooperative efforts of government, medical systems, as well as charities, but more importantly, participation of all facets of the society.


    Most importantly, we need YOU in this to fight against HIV/AIDS together.

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