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    Brief introduction

    China AIDS Walk, launched in 2012, is a large-scale activity mobilizing the public to participate in a fundraising drive benefiting the fight against HIV/AIDS. China AIDS Walk raises public awareness about HIV/AIDS, and strives to eliminate HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination. We raise funds for anti-discrimination initiatives and other grassroots projects helping people affected by HIV/AIDS.


    In addition to the AIDS Walk on the Great Wall, we have partnered with local NGOs and organized AIDS Walks in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Wuhan, and Qingdao. In 2018, Hefei and Sanmenxia will organize their first AIDS Walks. More local stations throughout China will join the China AIDS Walk family in the near future.


    By the end of 2017, in collaboration with volunteers, community based organizations and various partners, China AIDS Walk has organized more than 100 events; convened more than 2,000 fundraising teams; directly and indirectly affected the lives of more than 30 million people; and raised a total of 1.15 million yuan (about 170,000 USD).


    Organizational status

    In June, 2018 China AIDS Walk has made a strategic partnership with the Beijing-based China Pro Bono Foundation to set up a Special Initiative on Health with the mission to mobilize and engage people from diverse communities to participate in the national scheme of Health China 2030.


    The foundation, as the legally registered charity organization in China, will receive donations on China AIDS Walk’s behalf and manage its finance, while China AIDS Walk team are fully responsible to design and carry out its projects.


    AIDS Walks in China

    AIDS Walk on the Great Wall is our flagship activity. By using Friends-ask-friends model, we integrate community mobilization, fundraising, grantmaking, public education, communications, and awareness raising in one place. Since 2012, AIDS Walk on the Great Wall is organized in the Fall in and around Beijing. By then end of 2017, we have raised more than 1 million CNY. In 2016 and 2017, the total amount we've raised has reached 300,000 CNY. 


    The model of China AIDS Walk is easy and ready to replicate. In so far, five local NGOs have organized 9 large-scale AIDS Walks in their own settings with help of the Guideline and our technical support. More AIDS Walks are coming on their way.


    Advocacy and Public Education

    Throughout the year, in collaboration with volunteers, experts and various partners, we organize large scale themed events, workshops, talks, and all kinds of activities to bring multiple stakeholders including the LGBT and PLHIV communities, media, CDC, UN System in China, and embassies, and etc. together to expand accesses to services, further reduce discrimination and stigma, and conduct evidence-based advocate for PLHIV. In the first half year of 2018, we’ve organized about 15 events.


    In the meantime, we strengthen our ICT capacity to better conduct online education and advocacy by developing a new website; maintain an active presence on social media, and produce original articles and research findings.


    Small grants and HAILS

    Since 2016, we created a small grant project to distribute the fund raised through China AIDS Walk among student groups and community based organizations to support their youth-oriented HIV/AIDS related activities. Using participatory grant-making model, we hope to cultivate community leadership, further engage youth, and explore creative solutions for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care.


    Based on previous experiences, we realize besides small grant, local organizations are also in great need of tailor-made capacity building. Thus, we plan to open a new project called HAILS (Horizon, AIDS, Information, Leadership and Sustainable Development). It’s a series of capacity building workshops for emerging activists in the HIV/AIDS and LGBT fields to strengthen their capacity to better deliver services of HIV prevention, care and support among various communities;


    Building a National Action Network

    Through field research, training, and providing technical support, we connect with local groups across China that are interested in the China AIDS Walk model, map out their needs and development gaps, and facilitate them to organize AIDS Walks in their own culture settings. Since we have about 7 cities in our network, we hope to strengthen the connection among these groups and create a platform for local HIV/AIDS NGOs to take concerted efforts when addressing the global challenge.

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